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Marley Spoon ・UI/UX Designer ・ 2018

SpeedSmith ・ Product Designer ・ 2018

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Disciplines | UI/UX Design

Published | October, 2018

Project | iOS app

Made with | Personal assumption


Marley Spoon is a meal kit subscription service based in Berlin. It also operates in the U.S. and in four European countries, including Germany. 

With Marley Spoon, you can choose the dishes from the weekly menu. Decide how many foods you need and what kind of dishes you like. It's easy to control the amount of food and no need for food waste. Marley Spoon provides a wild range recipe you can follow and browse through form web and apps. Also, the meals are cheaper per person if you buy more meals per week. 

Problem statement

  • Users have often struggled with understanding the interface and misunderstood ordering system works.
  • Users cancel their first order because they underwhelming both functionally as well as emotionally or feel dispirited from UI/UX due it being confusing and complicated.

My role

I worked on this design challenge as a UI/UX Designer. My overarching task was to propose a new approach to Marley Spoon and redesign the onboarding flow and identify the use case to the newly subscribed customer.

My goal

Designing a perfect onboarding flow for newly subscribed users which guides and helps the user from the first interaction to the successful completion. 


Current reviews

Before it comes the designing, I decided to find out more about problems and onboarding issues. I checked the recent reviews from the App Store and Google Play because it is crucial and the developers and designers can see the strongest points and opinion directly. For my past experience, ratings and reviews matter in App Store optimization which should be improved.

What key pain points I found in reviews were:

  • The ordering process is frustrating, complicated and lacks informative content of service.
  • The user needs to purchase the first delivery if they want to see more details.
  • Even more, newly users need to give their personal and payment details with Unorganized ordering flow.
  • It's not English friendly for none English speaking country as Marley Spoon is an international service.

After I checked these reviews, I'd to confirm these frustrating situations myself. As a new customer, what I found that the customers couldn't do anything in the current apps except registration.

The signup process includes box selection, delivery arrangement, payment and chooses the meals for the first week. You can't view any dishes before the ordering process which a customer has to go through 4 steps and review the recent menu in the end.  It was really hard to convince a new user for the first subscription, not to mention user-unfriendly interfaces.



Martha Stewart is an American media mogul best known for her TV show and magazine of the cooking in the world. I was excited Marley Spoon's meal box collaborate with Martha Stewart when I heard about it. 

People would give it an opportunity for their first meal box from Marley Spoon. The beginners and sceptical home chefs might be attracted by her fame. They can learn and enjoy the recipes from the Martha Stewart directly.

The first idea I came out was onboarding flow is a good entry point. The new user no need to browse everything through the website beforehand. Instead, providing a simple, painless experience and key values would be my design key point. Also, I planned to achieve it by providing intuitive along the way and reducing the number of input fields to help ensure the user continued through to the end.

But how would make onboarding process clear to customers that they are subscribing to their first meal box? How could make the ordering process as seamless and easy as possible? I also considered the scenario where the customers want to browse first? What is the main reason that people would give it a try? Even more, what's the biggest advantage that new customers want to subscribe Marley Spoon?  

I'd like to provide a win-win situation for our customers and help Marley Spoon acquires more customers during the onboarding process. These questions were a good start and helped me to dive into the design.


Interviews & Surveys

I decided to interview a few people and made a survey to validate my ideas with the aim of getting answers to the following questions. In addition to recorded answers, I analyzed and classified each answer. Trying to figure their use case and root cause as a new user.

Surveys Q3
Would you like to register an account via social media (like Google, Facebook, Twitter..etc)? 
Which platform do you prefer for ingredient-and-recipe meal kit subscription? Why and Why not?

Interviews & Surveys

It took two days and collected some good points and interests of 9 people. I analysed and compiled information with 3 different charts. There are some interesting results here:

  • 50% of People would like to use social media as a signup account.
  • As my survey, most people spent their time on smartphones, so that they were willing to use mobile apps for managing subscription.
  • The fair price is the most important that is the main reason why they would give it a try and subscribe meal kit.
  • Males are cared about how easy to cook meals and females are cared about is ingredient fresh or not.
  • The seamless experience and interface are both important for ordering and managing the subscription.
What's the key value if you are going to order an ingredient-and-recipe meal kit
Surveys Q1
Which platform do you prefer for ingredient-and-recipe meal kit subscription
Surveys Q2


I transformed user reviews and user's expectation into my wireframes. At the same time, browsed some competitor apps and websites, such as Blue Apron, Plated, Hello Fresh, Home Chef, The Cook’s Grocer and Sun Basket. 


Visual & prototyping design

Along with providing the better design in onboarding flow. I made 2 prototypes to validate my ideas and design assumptions. During this process, I added more touch points for the user in the flow and utilized animations to create a feeling of progress.

Here are 2 prototypes of onboarding flow, created utilizing ProtoPie. Please feel free to play with it and contact me. I'd love to receive any feedback about it. :) 


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