Share and capture live spherical 360° videos and photos around the world by LyfieEye.

Lyfie App | UI/UX Designer ・2016-2017

Disciplines | UI and UX Design  

Published | 2017

Project | Android app

Agency | R+W Inc.

Product Owner | eCapture Technologies, Inc.


The eCapture Technologies, Inc. was founded in 2016 to bring the beautifully designed, high-quality and accessible cameras around the world. In 2016, eCapture Technologies, Inc. entrusted R+W team for build a 360° VR/AR Android app when they launched the LyfieEye camera.


Background & Role

In early 2016, I was invited to work on the official app for LyfieEye with eCapture Technologies and R+W team as a UI/UX designer at an early stage. As a member of a small cross-functional team, I was responsible for the high-level concept, conducting a deep-dive discovery process, as well as delivery of the main experience of the app for mobile on Android.



After I understood the concepts and the limits of Lyfie Eye technology, we identified two main goals for the app:

  • Users should be engaged with the Android app despite capture VR experience by the Lyfie Eye.
  • Quickly edit the 360⁰ images, videos even live streaming to social media. Make the user feels the app is valuable and enjoyable.

Design Process

Before I started the design for the app, PM and I clarify the client's need and LyfieEye limitation to identify the possible features and explored the possible for technology use.

Design a Tool-Based Mobile Application for Lyfie Eye is what we agreed based on the timeline schedule at first stage. And my observation is we could be focused on the sharing mechanism for the entire app. Let any user engaged the AR/VR images or videos is for app's purpose even they don't have Lyfie Eye.

I carefully crafted Information Architecture of the app and match updates to design a clean navigation bar and gallery where the user could easily find and understand the information they encounter. We also ensured it was easy to share any life moment whatever what step for the user. 

Client and PM commented: “This is a pretty cool design. The UX satiates what we want and what we need for the app." 




As I knew the Lyfie App is for Android phone users, client and I both agree to use the icon of Google Material Design for better user experiences consistently. Thus, I design a series for VR/AR icons based on Material Design guideline.


UI Overview

Here is the walkthrough video to show Lyfie View app features, including how to use the Lyfie Eye for taking 360° photos and video and live stream on Facebook and Youtube.

The user also can change the view of the photos even edit them and share any photos and video on social media instantly.


Launch & Afterword

At the time the app launched the Lyfie View app for more than a year, The eCpture Inc. working on the other Lyfie camera after I delivered the design. I was glad to know this news which is VR/AR experience is getting commonly in our life.

This project allowing me to grow as a designer and collaborator. The biggest lessons I have learned in this project was how to ensure client perspective and push an Android app forward in the good experience. Looking back at the project with a critical eye, if given chance, I would be like to revisit the gallery for a better way to view the photos and videos. 

LyfieEye200 camera is available to back up now

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