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My Role

Product design

Product design


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June, 2016

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iCook is the biggest recipe-sharing online service where people can publish their recipes and share their cooking stories. Moreover, we grew more business to 5 more figure revenue, such as a video channel, E-commerce, Blog, etc. We also shipped 7 Apps, and our users were across 50+ different country. iCook was also awarded the best iOS app and Android app many times in Taiwan.

After iCook announced Market, Blog and we tried to build a one-stop service that users can explore the recipes, watch the video and buy the kitchen tools we were recommended. We started to consider how can we helped more people to cook easier, better even if the basics of cooking for beginners.

Getting tvOS app on

Creating the demo to tvOS would be time-consuming and ultimately yield little reward. iCook users are already able to fill their virtual basket on the laptop, mobile as well. So the mobile team set about brainstorming other valuable apps that would translate well to TV based on life experiences.

Here was the idea of the iCook tvOS app surfaced. For now, the iCook TV Channel only available on the website and Facebook which provided hundreds of helpful videos for every occasion. It seemed like a great focus on tvOS.





App icon

Design Process

However, worked within a tight timeframe of one to three months, in which we had to create an app from scratch. This meant being pragmatic and realistic for what is achievable.

  • Brainstorming with developers.
  • Design simple vision of tvOS app based on https://tv.icook.tw
  • Define a sitemap and Information Architecture
  • UI/UX Wireframes
  • Visual design delivers

The traffic of TV channel

Into wireframes and get it real

After we defined the IA and paper sketch with features. There are 4 categories of TV Channel based on the web we clarified and a history feature doesn't exist on tv.icook.tw. Here is the live demo I'd like share with you. 

However, allowing a user to learning cook by watching video on the sofa at home, or even in their kitchen with their smart speaker is a different experience from a mobile phone. Whereas with a TV there is the additional in-between step of a remote.

Here are few UX ideas I'd love to integrate into the app. A Parallax Scrolling interaction hint when a user swipes the end of screen top. Also, the other UX feature is a smooth background effect which is a video select hint would help a user what video they have selected by using the Remote. I believe this small UX details would help users well.

Learning & Takeway

We launched the App in a month. There was over 1,000+ download in a week. We were always the top 10 free Apps on the tvOS store from 2013 to 2019. It massively increased the critical business metrics as well as our video business, we've gotten a lot of feedback from users on social media, user voice, and app store as well.

In 2016 June, the notable thing was we had been awarded The Best TV App of 2016 by Apple. It was a great success achieved by team members. 

This project helped me broaden my project management where I can deliver the work quickly but efficiently, design information architecture (IA) to make the most important flow discoverable with the team.

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