Drink coffee like a barista everywhere

Ever Fountain | Art Direct ・ Oct 2017

Disciplines | Art Director, Photography direction, Branding, Illustration 

Designer | Jia Jhen Li

Company | Ever Fountain

Project | Branding

Project | Branding


Ever Fountain was a start-up of premium coffee beans. Aspiring to increase the knowledge and spread of speciality coffee in Taiwan. 

As an art director in Ever Fountain. There were three parts embodied in branding which are Quality, Clean and Lifestyle. I devised a corporate palette where I had the freedom to mix and match. Infused a sense of pour over coffee mingled with the seriousness of speciality coffee.


Drip Bag Coffee Design

The drip bag coffee was a new product line that Ever Fountain would be liked to expand. There were a few ideas I worked here. Some universal pattern like the rubbings and kraft paper is stylistic and communicative value in the concept. Kept all the graphic design concise nature of their implementation and branding.


Badge Design

Nowadays, Even Fountain as a small-batch coffee roaster and retailer, there are three selected coffee beans. 

I created the visual badge based on coffee bean region, each coffee bean tastes different from a single country exemplifies the best qualities of its region and flavours unique to the exact place it's grown. These three badge designs are utilised simple illustration with a strong contrast and around reduction and a clarity of expression.